Why choose a 1st Small Biz Website? Your website is the best platform for getting your message and offerings out to the public. Great sites sell 24/7 and make businesses money. They also disseminate the information you need people to know. When you tie this in with great presentation and every feature you could need built in, you can see how you can easily promote your business with our offerings without any of the hassle of other lesser websites.

Our sites come already built with the pages you need and features you want installed for you. We don’t just hand you a tool box or some quirky, complicated design program so you have to actually build the site yourself like our competitors. 1st Small Biz Web is a truly unique concept in website design and hosting.

Don’t get sucked in with a low ball price that eventually only forces you to buy upgrades to actually make the site professional and functional. We include everything you need and it’s all done for you, even your mobile site.

Seriously! You don’t need to drag and drop or know anything about HTML programming, it’s all built for you. When we say with 1st Small Biz Web there’s no coding required, we mean it! NO CODING!

It’s so easy you can do it yourself. Enter your company information, select your design, upload your pictures, and enter your text. That’s it!

  • Unlimited Web Pages & Blogging – included
  • Drag and Drop Navigation Menus – included
  • Easy Google Maps — built in, just type your address
  • Photo Gallery & Image Sliders— already built for you
  • Responsive Site for All Devices — already built for you
  • Easy Youtube Embeds – built in, just paste the URL
  • Contact Form — already built for you
  • SEO Functionality – built in
  • Social Sharing — built in

It’s ALL Built In. There are no upgrades ever. You can always change designs, and all our sites are fully responsive made to work on computers, tablets, and phones.